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Why not receive the best massage ever! Whether it is for relaxation, a therapeutic massage where tensions are dislodged, you will come out of it with incredible well-being. I combine Swedish, shiatsu, lomi lomi, reflexology, polarity as well as stretching all on a very comfortable and heated table in a peaceful and relaxing environment.

Do you suffer from muscle pain or nervous tension? Do you need to unwind and relax? I offer deep and therapeutic massages that will help you relax and feel better. Make an appointment with me now!

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Passionate about my job, I have been practicing massage therapy in Montreal for over 20 years. I have acquired a solid experience in various fields, including relaxing message, sports massage, intensive therapy and oncology therapy. Do you suffer from chronic pain or need to relax? Make an appointment with François Guay, massage therapist in Montreal.

With my 22 years of experience in massage therapy, I have built a relationship of trust with my clientele that demonstrates competence and professionalism. This ability to be able to understand and detect the needs of each client, in order to offer them treatments that exactly meet their expectations, makes me a massage therapist recognized for my expertise.

Indeed, I also work in a hospital setting as an oncomassotherapist with people with cancer and those in palliative care to bring them relief and eliminate feelings of discomfort.

Member of the Quebec federation of massage therapists, my techniques are mastered to perfection, which allows me to offer unique sessions to my clients. Indeed, intuitive massage is a global approach to well-being that takes into account the mind, body and soul.

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Massage therapy is a great way to manage stress and muscle pain. It also relaxes the muscles, relieves tension and promotes better blood circulation. Using magic hands, I rid you of the weight of fatigue and reduce your stress for your greater well-being.

I offer you tailor-made care in a warm and professional environment in our establishment, at home or in your office:

The basic techniques
Complementary techniques

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Looking for a qualified massage therapist? Do you suffer from muscle pain or nervous tension? Do you need to unwind and relax? I am a reference in the field of massage therapy in Greater Montreal, recognized for my expertise and my professionalism. Make an appointment with me now! Enjoy!

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